the past week or so…

We’re a bit behind on the blog. Maybe having too much fun?  Too busy? Something like that.

Over a week ago, we bid farewell to my mom with a final caphirina, de-activated the BodesWell Security System*, and started our drive north.

319799_4571702605476_1706215432_n IMG_0923

The first destination was Buzios. Actually, our first night was camping with the mosquitoes near Cabo Frio, then to Buzios.  This is the place popularized by Bridget Bardot in the 60’s. Despite it’s continued popularity and being a cruise ship destination (we saw two), it’s still relatively under-developed (no condos) and a good hang. We stopped at the long Praia Geriba and filled up on açaí. We snorkeled at Praia Fernandhino and saw a big sea turtle and octopus. This tiny little cove has a few overturned boats lined with booze and a dozen or so umbrellas.

DSC_7697 DSC_7700 DSC_7704 DSC_7751 DSC_7768 DSC_7772

We camped just north at Barra de São João and started to think harder about Carnaval.  They celebrate it everywhere, and everywhere we go, they say there’s is great. Even here in this small town.  Since it looked like mostly a drink-til-you-vomit type of affair, we decided to keep moving north. Still, we had fun here with some easy-going locals.

IMG_0972 IMG_0975 IMG_0988 IMG_0997 IMG_1000 P1020073 P1020090 P1020092

We did the same thing a few hundred kilometers up the coast at Itaoca (Itapemirim). Again, a small relaxed town with comfortable camping right next to the beach. Again,they say their Carnaval here is great… and everyone is pressuring us to commit to 5 days or so, since “everywhere will be full and you won’t find any place to camp.”  We  kept waffling on Carnaval, and decided to just keep going north.  Head up to Guarapari… maybe check it out in Bahia or Porto Seguro if we can make it that far.  There was no shortage of possibilities. Every town we’ve driven through is setting up a stage and getting ready for a party.

DSC_7780 DSC_7781 DSC_7788 DSC_7794

Again with Guarapari… everyone told us there’s great Carnaval here.  This town is big (we camped beach-front, north of town outside of the condo zone), so it must have a pretty big party. Still, it’s not Rio. We finally just let Bode decide where to go.

He didn’t seem to mind that we were 500 kilometers away. Rio it is.

*Two weeks parked in the streets of Rio without incident.

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  • February 13, 2013 at 9:00 AM

    i like this type of posting, photos between text (like you used to do)

  • February 13, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    Ignacio – some prior WordPress updates made it difficult… now it’s easier again!

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