Praia do Ferrugem

I gave the new carbs another tweak and we set out from Morro dos Conventos towards Laguna. Now, we’re running a bit hot… and still rough during acceleration. If the throttle is either at idle or all the way open, we’re good.  I’ve got two sync tools and they both agree that the sync is perfect. It sounds nice and smooth when I’m back at the engine and revving it, but when I put it in gear and go, it sputters. We’re not going far, so I’m going to try to mess with it tomorrow.

Laguna is another one of the towns in our Brazilian guidebook, but it’s just not very interesting. I’m not sure why they bother to put some of these places in the books. Maybe it’s got a big bus stop? Sometimes I think we should be writing the BodesWell “Not-in-the-Book” Guidebook. It’s a huge country – most of it’s not in the guidebooks. Anyway, Laguna does have a (very) small colonial center that’s a few blocks long, then a surprisingly large pile of condos and hotels over the hill, crowded on the beach. We drove right through, and made lunch on the beach just north of town at Praia do Gi.

We drove up the beach for all of 5 km until we decided not to press our luck. We found a path off of the soft sand and back onto the gravel. I imagine we’ll get stuck sooner or later, just not today.

The next stop was Praia do Rosa.  This is a “top ten” beach. It was pretty to look at, and we checked it out for a while, but we were keen on finding a place we could stay. The beach is mostly a protected area, which is good, but that does make it a bit difficult to access. There are a few high-end cabanas, a restaurant, and absolutely no camping options. The “town” is a few km up the hill. It’s kind of a cool place, but the hippie-chic/surfer-chic vibe seems a bit forced. Made for weekenders. We found exactly one camping sign in town, and they offered us a parking spot next to their hotel for $35 USD. No thanks. Top-Ten Beaches come with Top-Ten Prices.

We kept rolling and decided to check out Praia do Ferrugem. It looked good on the map and was only marginally less beautiful than Rosa. We parked a few meters from the surf and had a day. Winner!

Warning: if you’re posing, you’re fair game.


3 thoughts on “Praia do Ferrugem

  • December 22, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    Whoa..good thing you didn’t zoom in any closer on that posing shot, would have been more than my screen could handle.

  • December 22, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    Hi Angela: Can you send me an email at the gmail address? We’re considering the Galápagos Islands as our next stop, and would love to pick your brain re: your experience.

    Thanks very much!


  • December 22, 2012 at 7:26 PM

    LOVE the sexy brazilian photo shoots! hoping for a whole series of these, please.

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