Introducing QuickMutt™

Dad, he followed me half-way home!

Well, he turned out to be a she, and we’re not sure what happened with the other half of the way home, but QuickMutt™ was immediately welcomed into camp.

The municipal campsite in Puerto San Julian was so nice (even Wi-fi) and the weather so good, we stayed a few days and took it easy. QuickMutt™ endeared herself immediately and Bode was pleading to keep her despite the obvious allergy issues. Still, she was sleeping in the passenger seat each night and I was starting to think we could keep her too.

Bode didn’t seem too allergic. And, she seemed to stay in the front seat pretty well. We could go to a local vet and get all the shots and paperwork for crossing borders. Getting her back to the US could be an issue (the US government is afraid of foreign dogs too), but that minor detail could probably be worked out later. The lady at the campsite said she was a stray and came around now and then… she could use a home.

Eventually, the voice of reason stepped in. That would be Angela (this time anyway).

Simple things like going to the store or a museum would be a hassle. Getting into National Parks or campsites could be impossible. How would Patagonian Quickmutt™ handle a sweltering Brazilian summer… in an old VW?   We once talked to an ‘overlanding’ couple who skipped seeing the Galapagos Islands because they “couldn’t leave the dog” – ridiculous, but a whole set of limitations started to appear. Besides, QuickMutt™ lived here in Puerto San Julian.

Hasta luego, Quickmutt™. You’re a damn good dog.

2 thoughts on “Introducing QuickMutt™

  • April 15, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    I feel ya on this one guys. I feel ya!
    A wise, but prudent call.

  • April 16, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    Bode! I miss you little man. Beautiful photo’s.

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