Lago Blanco

The refugio we found next to the penguineria was dirty, but provided us some shelter from the incredible winds. It had a “fireplace”, so it was also our only source of heat for the night. This was by far the worst wind I’ve been in.  The buses blocked a bit of wind for the 2 tents, but it was a loud and sleepless night for everyone.

The next day we packed up and continued south. This is sheep estancia country and the shear number of them along the road makes me wonder why wool is still so expensive.

We stopped on Rio Grande for a little fishing. Jason snagged the only trout for the day, and it was big enough to add to our taco dinner that night.

We moved on and found the abandoned campsite on Lago Blanco. We keep lucking out with beautiful days. Thankfully, here it was windless.

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  • April 2, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    Pic 9 is what I remember…trees bent by years of wind with branches tending to one side…the other side bare. If you find a more extreme example please snap it. Cheers.

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