For the birds

A few days ago, I was awakened with a light tapping sound on the side of the van. The guys slept through it, but I kept hearing it…a light tap tap tap. When I finally looked out the window, these two were sitting on the side mirror.

We’ve seen them around the beach – two saffron finches always together.

Once they discovered the bus, we think they fell in love. Mostly, they were checking each other out in the windows and mirrors, but later they were bringing branches up to the wipers to make a nest.

They’ve been returning every day and usually wake us up with the tapping. Each day they have become a little more daring, until they finally decided to fly right through the front doors.

We’re more than happy to share the perches as long as they continue to provide the entertainment. Bode named one of them Orange Head (even though they both have orange dots on top of their heads.)

I don’t know. Once we starting making friends with the local birds, it could be some sort of a sign.

One thought on “For the birds

  • February 22, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    They know a good thing when they find it! Phone call wasn’t bad… $34!

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