Tricky Tricky

Our friends Andres, Diana and Isabella took us to the mall, where all the kids in Medellin seemed to be for Halloween. Most of the stores had candy for the trick or treaters. Here, the kids sing a song and Bode had to learn it in Spanish.

The English equivalent goes something like this:

Tricky Tricky, Halloween
I want candy for me
If you don’t give it to me
I will break your nose.

Bode liked to sing it in English too.

The mall also had entertainment for the kids. First, a band lip-syncing all the Colombian favorite pop songs. Every member of the audience (except Bode and I) knew all the words and various dances for each song.

It was incredible, really.

Later, an all Michael Jackson dance team performed. There must have been 10 kids near us dressed as MJ. For over an hour, Michael Jackson songs were performed straight from the videos, with backup dancers and all. I had no idea how popular the King of Pop was in Colombia.

Back at the hostel, I found some compadres and ended up having a long night. It concluded at around 8 AM when I dropped the camera off the roof.

We ended up having to stay another day because I celebrated my own Day of the Dead on Monday.

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  • November 4, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    Bode looks AWESOME as Luke Skywalker!

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