Hot in Honda

Once the bus was fixed, we were anxious to get back on the road. We passed on waiting around for more bus help from Mario – a decision we may end up regretting.

This country is so much bigger than it looks on a map, and getting between any two towns is a major journey. We stopped half-way between two mountain ranges, in sunny Honda. It was a nice change from the chill in Bogota. There wasn’t much to this town, but it was a holiday weekend and the hotels were full. This is a destination for families from Medellin and Bogota who want some warm sunshine.

We checked out into one of the many ranch-style hotels built around a large swimming pool. The pool was packed with Colombian merry-makers and us, the gringo family.

The scene reminded me of Caddy Day at the pool. There were kids everywhere, balls shooting across the pool, the legs of folks doing underwater handstands… and people making out. PDA is not something the Colombians are afraid of.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Bode to find a group of pals. We spent the entire day at the pool. Night came and nobody noticed.

Honda was meant to be a pit-stop, but it was so different than the tourist trail we’d been on we stayed one more day. It isn’t often that we are in a place so full of kids. And, after our noisy hostel in Bogota (they had a sliding metal front door, which sounded exactly like our bus door slamming and woke us up every time someone entered!), it was nice to be in a place were everyone was exhausted and quiet by 9pm.

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