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We decided to go on an all day snorkel trip that would take us to 2 reefs and the Cayos Zapitillos islands–a beautiful beach with more snorkeling. At $25 bucks each for the adults, it seemed a bargain, but with the entrance fees to the Cayos park  and a stop a island restaurant, it cost us each another $25.  It was still worth it to get to these amazing islands. Bode is a snorkeling fiend, and this day we saw moray eels, starfish, parrot fish, and thousands of others.

I’m amazed at how long  Bode is willing to snorkel and it is definitely one of my favorite mother-son activities.

After 3 days, Dougie left us for the bright lights of Paris. We will definitely miss him. Instead of leaving Bocas as well, we decided to stick around a day and recover from 6 straight weeks of visitors.

Bode continues to make friends every day. He also learned how to hand-line and jump from boat to boat at the marina chasing sergeant majors. “Dad, can we go fishing?” is now in his queue of daily requests.

We packed for a couple days on the island, but ended up staying longer. Because we only packed what was clean, this didn’t exactly mean we had a full 2 days of clothes.  That meant 3 trips to the lavanderia. Oh well, for $4 Don Pardo would wash, dry and fold one load. His English was pretty good, but I’m pretty sure he was never the SNL announcer.

3 thoughts on “More from Bocas

  • September 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    I don’t know who that kid is with Bode in the final picture, but I want to know why he’s giving me the finger!

  • September 17, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    Kelly, look at the big picture! Its not you he’s fingering, guess the kid’s not much of a fish lover.

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