As usual, Bode quickly found some friends in the town square. It’s a small town, and we were able to enjoy our pupusas from a sidewalk cafe while watching him play.

We love pupusas, and I actually think it is the sauce you put on them that makes them so delicious. You order up a few and a few minutes later a woman brings them to you piping hot. Piping is an understatement. They are scalding lava, burn-your-fingertips hot, and when you try to tear them apart to cool them off you still burn yourself.

This small town has a few drunks which the kids have nicknamed. I didn’t get the nicknames, but we did see a few people passed out on the street at all times of day. One girl told us a story about the differences between them when they are drunk and “undrunk.” A new family word.

We found this guy in the street right after the local kids were painting in the park.

I believe the people in this town may be psychic. When ordering a pupusa for Bode, the woman jumped in and said ‘sin queso?‘ Yes, without queso (a main ingredient that he’s allergic to.) At the time, we shrugged it off and thought she must have overheard us talking before we ordered. But the next afternoon, we ate at another restaurant where I ordered Bode pasta. I was about to go into my whole ‘con nada, sin queso, sin mantequilla, etc’ when she said the exact same thing. Maybe it just is a really small town.

We spent yet another day here trying to make a plan, and enjoyed the very laid back feel of Suchitoto. There isn’t much going on, but every afternoon the locals come out and sit on a bench in the park. The kids play games and the church bell rings at odd times. Muy tranquillo.

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