Back to School

We’ve been lingering in Antigua because:

1) we met my dad here

2) it’s really really nice

3) we’ve met lot’s of really cool people

4) there’s an amazing food scene (really, Julie!)

5) we decided to go back to school

Actually, since we are pretty much up to date on the blog, we are now actually almost finished with our first week of school.

The school is an interesting place – part of it is built into a ruined church. All of the ‘classrooms’ are built especially for one-on-one instruction and my little cubby is outside under one of the iglesia arches. It’s kind of odd being instructed outside exposed to the elements, but it does give us plenty to talk about when a big storm blows in.

I thought I had started out really well and was pretty confident that I was going to learn a lot here. Heck, today I had a two hour conversation with my maestra about all sorts of things. From local zoning laws, her whole family history, legalizing drugs, politics, environmental issues – you name it. She did most of the talking, but hey – I understood it.

We had imagined going to school here for several weeks. But, for some reason, we are now feeling like we are done with it. We like the school and the teachers, but sometimes it’s just time to move on and we all feel it’s time to go. We’re also starting to make some plans to meet up with folks farther down the road, so we’re getting anxious to start traveling again.

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