Walk-in Closets

Jason and I have always lived in an old house with small closets.  This tends to be an issue if you actually have stuff, so I’ve always insisted that our next home needs walk-in closets.IMG_2698

Bode has proven that we will now have walk-in closets, but seriously – this is the actual closet that the three of us will keep all of our clothes in. Somehow it looked bigger when it was leaning against the side of the garage. I guess it’s time to add more stuff to the donation pile.

The garage sale is set for 10 days from now, so the following week will be spent getting the new engine in the bus so we can move it out of the way. There’s that, and gathering all the things we don’t want to store or give away and getting them ready to sell.

Once the VW is running, we can sell 1 of our cars, too. That should be a good time.

One thought on “Walk-in Closets

  • August 6, 2009 at 5:53 PM

    I love that the closet has a full length mirror for a 4-year old…

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