Away We Go

We have to be out by August 14.  Out of our house…

Although we have talked about this for months, the path is now laid and we must move on in 50 days.

I thought the (secret) purchase of a VW van last year was just a result of a midlife crisis. Within weeks he was talking about a major road trip.

A trip of a lifetime. For months it has been in the back of our mind. But now, as of tonight, the lease for our house has been signed.  The curtains and appliances stay – everything else has to go.

Oh the list of things to do. So, what do we do tonight?  We drink a bottle of wine and watch a chick flick.

Tomorrow, we start the purge, the plans, the chaos.

The story has been told to some friends and family. There has been a lot of worry and/or excitement from both. This site will help to keep those interested in our whereabouts and adventures informed.

Bode: To indicate by signs, foretell.

A good beginning bodes well….

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