winter blahs

As with most major decisions in our relationship, we really don’t make a commitment as much as say, other decisions that force us into it.

Last week, we were discussing whether we should sell our house, or rent it out. We had no idea if we could get a lease signed that would cover our mortgage, taxes and other home expenses. So, I posted an ad on craigslist, figuring we wouldn’t get a response. We did, they came, we have applications.

So, if this trip is a go, we need to decide soon. Either rent the house now, leave March 1, or see if in a few months we can still get someone to sign a lease.

The van in Eureka didn’t pan out. So, this decision has to be made without a running van, a real plan or, so we’ve been told, much common sense. Jason continues to work on the van, but is keeping an eye out for another.

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